Quick and cute

I had a mini vacation, but I’m moving to a new store and want to celebrate with some fresh cute nails for the first day at my new store. So here I have one coat each of “Sage” and “Top of the World” for the accent nail, with one coat over all nails of “My Rightful Throne”. I added a couple anchor stickers to make them more interesting that are both silver and gold. “Sage” it a little bit patchy in just a couple areas and could probably benefit from a second coat, it would probably be brighter too.


Polishes used:

Forever 21 “Sage”
Kleancolor “Top of the World”
Kleancolor “My Rightful Throne”

Swatch Sunday: Kleancolor “Salsa”

Kleancolor’s “Salsa” is an eye catching salmon-y orange hued pink with a pearly finish. Must be a mango salsa! (Yum!) It applies smoothly and is pretty see through after two coats. It is very shiny though, and could get away with out a topcoat.


Swatch Saturday: Kleancolor “Love Is In The Air”

Kleancolor’s “Love is in the Air” is a pretty frozen looking pink. It is pearly with almost an opal look to it. Somewhat see through after two coats, it applies smoothly and is pretty shiny on it’s own. 

love is inlove is in the air

Swatch Sunday: Kleancolor “Love For Pudding”

Kleancolor’s “Love For Pudding” is supposedly scented. Despite the amount of this polish I sniffed, wet or dry I’m not sure if I really smell anything other than polish. Though I guess, I’m not completely sure what pudding smells like. Nice idea though. It applies smoothly, and is opaque after two coats.

pudsheer pink (2)

Swatch Saturday: Kleancolor “Pearl Pink”

Kleancolor’s “Pearl Pink” is girly and pearly. Slightly see through after two coats, it applies super smooth. Watch your brush strokes, as they’re somewhat visible in the pearly texture.

pearlpearl pink

The Best of Us Birthday Edition!

I was a guest on the show a few weeks back, but it was recently one of the host and my good friend Dylan’s birthday. They had a birthday episode with a ton of return guests and other new people, it was crazy and fun! We of course went out afterwords where I snuck a shot of Malört in without telling Dylan which was fun, and he admitted to me the next day was pretty brutal. (If you’ve never had Malört, it is somewhat of a Chicago tradition and tastes like sadness and embalming fluid.) Fun night, fun episode, go listen to it!

As always, go to The Best of Us Podcast on iTunes to get it!