Midtown Mimosa and Glitter

I recently bought these two chunky looking glitter polishes from Funky Fingers, and couldn’t wait to try them out on their own! The yellow could have been brighter, but I didn’t put a base coat of while on first. Though it does look just like the name suggests, like a mimosa!


Polishes used:

Funky Fingers “Glitter Matters”
Funky Fingers “Glitter Explains it All”
NYC Color “Midtown Mimosa”

Amethyst Necklace

I made this a while ago, but haven’t gotten around to posting it. I love making jewelry, and brought a whole ton of craft stuff out to the trailer a few weeks ago with my friend and boyfriend.

I got the amethyst in the shop while we were hiking around Starved Rock, and I used black embroidery thread. There is also purple and black iridescent black beads, as well as silver heart beads.

The clasp:

My first successful water marble!

I have been wanting to figure water marbling out for SO long now, and while I got my hair cut/dyed



we were talking about nails and water marbling so I decided to try it yet again tonight. I finally found polishes that spread correctly and was able to get the idea of it down. I couldn’t make quite as good looking designs as some of these youtube tutorials, but I’ll get it down. I’m pretty excited with how they turned out:


I started with two coats of “Snow Flurry” before doing the marbling. In between drops of the red and blue I used drops of the top coat.


They’re fourth of July themed for the upcoming holiday but I doubt they’ll last that long. We’ll see!

Polishes Used:

China Glaze “Poinsettia”
China Glaze “Blue Year’s Eve”
Salon Perfect “Snow Flurry”
Beauty Secrets Base Coat
Beauty Secrets Hardener Top Coat


Blue Swooshes

I had to prove to myself that I could successfully do that design, so I removed the remnants of the pink and started with blue. I had been wanting to use “Puppy Love” for a while, and “Blue Me Away!” happens to be a perfect color match if you don’t want to see naked nail through the glitter. I started with two coats of “Blue Me Away!” followed by only one coat of “Puppy Love”. That’s right, ONE coat. So much sparkle! Love it.


Polishes Used:

Kleancolor “Puppy Love”
Sally Hansen “Blue Me Away!”
Finger Paints “Royal Renoir”
L.A. Colors Art Deco “Sky Blue”
Beauty Secrets Base Coat

Pink and silver

I think this might be the second manicure I’ve given myself that afterwords I look at and just don’t really like. Mostly because my swooshes (I’m not sure what else to call that style of decoration?) didn’t turn out uniform on the thumb. “Barbie Pink” also applied very thick for me, and was hard to get a smooth finish on.


I didn’t bother to use a top coat and the pink is kind of matte. It chipped off almost completely pretty much immediately the next day at work.

Polishes Used:

Kleancolor “Barbie Pink”
Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty”
Beauty Secrets Base Coat

Purple piggies to go with my lavender nails

This is a nail polish I love, two colors in one! Revlon Moon Candy has two bottles on the end of a brush stick that reminds me of Darth Maul’s lightsaber. On one end of “Orbit” is a deep plum purple, and the other side is a opal-ish sliver glitter suspended in a barely purple topcoat. The dark purple itself is sort of dull, but once you add the topcoat, it has so much dimension. I love the combination, obviously why they put them together!!



Revlon Moon Candy “Orbit”

Rockin’ the lovely lavender trend

This look was inspired by a post written by an old high school friend of mine, Emily. She’s a fashion writer, and a while back had written a post about lavender nails being in right now and it really made my want to use this Studio M color that I have barely touched. You can read her lavender post on her blogĀ here. I’m pretty sure Studio M is just the Meijer brand of nail polish, but it works pretty well. Applies opaque in two coats and goes on smoothly. Dry time is pretty quick as well.



I skipped my base coat just being lazy, then applied two coats of “Hydrangea Kiss”. To give a ton of sparkle to my accent nails I did a coat of “Sparking Diamonds” before adding a coat of “Silver Sparkler” for even more pop with those big circle glitters.


Polishes Used:

Studio M “Hydrangea Kiss”
L.A. Colors “Sparkling Diamonds”
Salon Perfect “Silver Sparkler”
Beauty Secrets Hardener Top Coat